If you’re a Christian needing some basic training in order to better fulfil your role in your local church, then the Mukhanyo Focus Certificate is for you.

This is a training programme in theology at roughly matriculation level with a strong church focus. It’s designed to equip Christians for their role in the local church as pastors, elders, deacons, Sunday school teachers, church office workers or worship leaders.

Focus includes 30 elective modules in several useful subjects and skills (listed below). Each takes about 40 hours of learning and includes short assignments and an exam. It’s presented by a Mukhanyo distance tutor or lecturer at a registered Mukhanyo learning centre.

The programme is available at our KwaMhlanga Campus or at selected Local Learning Sites.​

Benefits of Studying this programme:

There are three unaccredited certificates which can be earned.

    • Certificate in Church Leadership
    • Certificate in Church Growth
    • Certificate in Church Life

Each certificate requires a student to pass 7 modules. Full-time students can earn a certificate within 6 months. Part-time students will take longer.


Supportive Modules
Student is to choose and pass any three modules from the following:
Study Basics
    • Learning in English 1
    • Learning in English 2
    • Skills for Bible Study
    • Introducing the Bible
    • Story of the Bible
    • Understanding the Bible
Bible Foundations
    • Christian Character
    • God and Salvation
    • Using the Old Testament
    • Studying John
    • Studying Ephesians
    • Studying Hebrews
Student is to choose and pass any four modules within a track to earn the relevant certificate:
Church Growth
(Choose 4)
    • Personal Evangelism
    • Christian Discipleship
    • Ministry to Muslims
    • Youth and Children
    • Ministries of Mercy
    • Defending Our Faith
Church Leadership
(Choose 4)
    • Bible Messages
    • Caring for God’s People
    • Church Elders
    • Financial Skills
    • Church Office Work
    • Leading the Congregation
Church Life
(Choose 4)
    • Christian Worship
    • African Context
    • Christian Relationships
    • Christian Home
    • Ministry by Women
    • Wisdom for Godly Living

Requirements for Admission:

The entrance requirements are basic English skills and a testimony of being a true Christian.