This programme provides a simple biblical foundation for academic learning and Christian ministry.  This programme is not accredited, but is offered as church-based training.
This is a one year local learning programme for church members seeking to grow in their knowledge and understanding of Scripture.

Benefits of Studying this programme:

    • Students will be spiritually enriched and able to apply what they have learned in their community and congregation.
    • Strengthen church members in the use of their God given gifts to serve one another.
    • It is directed towards the edifying of the Church and the evangelisation of the community.


The Focus programme offers the following modules:
Christian Foundations (Choose 3)
    • Spiritual Formation
    • Hermeneutics: Leviticus & Hebrews
    • Christ in the Old Testament
    • Life of Christ and His Ministry
    • Ethics
    • African Spirituality
Christian Ministry (Choose 4)
    • Preaching Ability
    • The Church: Ecclesiology
    • Pastors and Teachers
    • Liturgics
    • Christian Apologetics
    • Evangelism

Requirements for Admission:

Basic Zulu skills, otherwise none.